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Sanctuary Housing

Corporate explainer animation

We teamed up Sanctuary and Blacon Adventure Playground to raise awareness on climate change and how we can help.

Language IO

Tech startup explainer video

An explainer video that will help this startuo to attract new leads and explain the SAAS chat translation service.



Our challenge with this project was to convey the key message "What is Orienting? a Research project for Life Cycle Sustainability" following their brand language with abstract geometric shapes and patterns.

Not only do we love to explain, but we also do a great job!

We work closely with our clients to achieve outstanding results, with a clear work process, which some of the biggest companies in Latin America and the world trust.

You have something to say but don't know how? We'll take care.

From explaining an app, business model, workflow to sales videos we got you covered.

Short, original, and creative videos are 12 times more effective than any other media to engage and convert.


Growing with video is a safe move.

It's proved that videos are a key tool to communicate how new products, services, or platforms work.

When a potential customer understands your product, the chances of conversion increase 3 to 4 times.


Up to 3x more conversions

"Explainer Monkey has been a great ally for us on all projects that require animated video. We've also had an exceptional experience working with their team, which is always open and going the extra mile to achieve outstanding results. We've worked together for several years on multiple projects and they always go beyond our expectations."

Jose Carluccio
Partner at McKinsey & co.

"They do an amazing job transferring the exact message we're going for. We had a great time collaborating with them in the process of making the video. We've had great feedback from our clients and stakeholders from all projects we've done with Explainer Monkey. Honestly a superior work, always delivering top quality."

Camilo Álvarez
Director, Anthesis - Lavola Colombia

"What started as a small project ended with a series of animated explainer videos both for internal and external communication. They have a clear process from beginning to end and are very collaborative, creative, and reliable, always willing to give their best ideas and more. I recommend Explainer Monkey to anyone who needs an explainer video."

Vicky Sánchez
Communication consultant - Chubb

Everyone loves a good story and enjoys well-crafted animated videos.

We avoid corporate-like scripts and boring data. We inspire our clients to co-create a captivating narrative that connects with people on deeper levels. Storytelling is a tool that pushes brands further.

We don't improvise. We make things the right way.

With over 8 years of experience, we've perfected how we tell stories and deliver your message. We know what works best and what doesn't.

Exceptional results are never easy, but that is what fuels us.


Your story is unique, so is your video.

Every time we start a new project, we do it from scratch. Creativity is what we breathe and live for. So we make our best to take a fresh approach to tell your story.

Your product is different, so are we, and your video.


Co-create your animated video with us.

We're team players. We work with you and your team to create a video that fully represents your brand.

An extraordinary video is good for us both, so that's always our goal.


We are ready to help you explain and convey your message,
are you?

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