Achieving an engaging video doesn't happen by chance. It requires the correct steps, collaboration, and tweaks until it's perfect for your brand.

Stage 1: Foundations

1.1 Briefing

We start with a lot of questions that help us understand your brand, vision, and expectations. We establish objectives and the topic you want to communicate. Then we'll advise you on the best way to tell your story to meet our goals.

1.2 Script

It's the seed from which your video will grow. We'll dig deeper to find out what's important and start creating a compelling story that engages with your audience and triggers the results you're looking for.

1.3 Moodboard

A collage of images that helps us envision our artistic approach and sync our expectations on how the video will look. We make sure it meets your brand and the message we're going after.

Stage 2: Story development

2.1 Storyboard

An essential steps of the animation process. Words start to become images on a scene-by-scene draft. Typically on a sketch style, you'll see how each scene is designed, the progression of the story, and some animation marks. Our initial vision of how your story will unfold onscreen.

2.2 Illustrated storyboard

Based on your brand guidelines and moodboard, we create a custom and unique visual style for your video. Then all frames of the storyboard are converted to their production-ready final graphic style.

2.3 Voiceover

Just as important as the message is the way we tell it. We work with you to choose the perfect voice actor to record the narration for your video. We make sure the tone and intention are the right fit for the message we want to convey.

Step 3: Production

3.1 Animatic

According to your video style, this step might be necessary. Here we create a low-frame video with the voice recording and storyboard frames to preview how the story flows.

3.2 Animación

Where all the pieces we've been working on come together. We bring the story to life. We make sure all the above stages are in tune before starting this stage to be 100% sure the finished product exceeds expectations.

3.3 Sound design

Attention to detail is at our core, and when it comes to video, sound design elevates it to a new level. We work with licensed music and incredible sound effects to add that extra impact.

3.4 Delivery

Let's celebrate, your video is complete!. We deliver a full HD 1080p .mp4 file for you to download. If you need help on how to market it, we're happy to guide you.

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